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Hangobi, the sports drink for recovery and hangovers

Hangobi, the sports drink for recovery and hangovers Are hangovers that much different than sporting events? I’m not so sure, they share some striking similarities. For one, you often finish both in a deep sweat, panting, and in dire need of hydration. Two, in contact related sports, you can take a physical beating, which is no different than that industrial headache you’re compensating with or that not-so-attractive swelling around your fingers and toes. Three, if you find yourself losing in a sport, depending your commitment level, you can find yourself drained emotionally, looking down at the floor in deep despair and regretting all those things you could have done differently on the field, or, in the case of a hangover, last night.

How are hangovers very different than sporting events? The recovery mechanisms. Athletes are overwhelmed by the array of options that help drive a quick and effective recovery, most notably through the classic “sports drink” that advertises select mineral compounds, electrolytes, nutritional supplements, and various “energy boosters”. Hangovers on the other hand, have just water, and a meager selection of “wonder drug”, syrupy, cough medicine flavor shot-like solutions that just do not satisfy, and in most cases, make you feel even worse.

As unfortunate hangover practitioners over the years, we constantly were craving that recovery drink that was there to simply help us recover, not solve all of our problems, but at least give us the confidence that we were pumping our bodies with the vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, adaptogens, and minerals designed for hangover recovery. After all this waiting, we had enough and finally present to you hangobi, which we hope will be your staple hangover drink, hangover buddy, or whatever hangover phrase you want to use. Further, we wanted to create a community around all those suffering from hangovers – not to celebrate drinking, but to bring to light that you are not alone in that dark, damp hangover dungeon.

So with that in mind, please join the hangobi community in banding together and fighting back those hangs!

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