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The origin story of the brand; “hangobi - the recovery element”

The origin story of the brand; “hangobi - the recovery element” We spent countless hours working the proverbial “whiteboard” for our brand logo, worried about how to encapsulate our purpose, messaging, and recovery blend into one straight forward visual concept. It could only then make sense that a hungover and exhausted Sunday yielded some particularly goofy and, in some ways, totally out of bounds suggestions, with the “hangobi – the recovery element” rising to the top above different skull/cross eyed patterns, frosty mugs, and zombified mascots, among so many others that do not deserve the keystrokes. After we were able to get out laughter under control, we realized that the message was exactly that of which we wished to impart.

Our beverages, bubbly with a balanced and high quality nutritional combination of our proprietary recovery blend and unique ingredient per flavor (check out “our beverage architecture” blog post for more detail), when packaged together form, at least in our eyes, a whole new element that could serve as the building block for one thing, and one thing only, ultimate and wide ranging recovery. The more we studied this idea, the more it stuck, taking its present form with the fictional periodic number of 68, a respectful call out to one of our favorite athletes growing up, Jaromir Jagr (too much there to explain in this post).

For the avoidance of doubt, we are not Tony Stark and we did not just discover the long lost atom to unlock our future. Instead, we realized that our hangobi blend could be the building block to help you start on your recovery from whatever life throws at you, and we hope that you will help us put this new element to the test.

If you have any discussions or thoughts while grinding through your recovery, please reach out to us at to join our community so that we can share your stories with all our followers! Come fight to good fight with us!

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